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Creating Much Tastier Yoriiso Seafoods

This is ariTV’s Morikawa.

Yoriisohama is located at the east end of Miyagi’s Oshika peninsula, and is famous for sea squirts.


When we visited Yoriiso’s Recovery Appreciation Festival, we learned about a project in progress in Yoriisohama.
It’s called the Yoriiso Project.

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Yūko Endō, student of Musashino Art University, let us know about this project. She exhibited the project’s products to the Recovery Appreciation Festival. She’s Yoriiso native, and her parents are running a seafood wholesale store Maruki Endō Shōten.



The Yoriiso Project is organized by Maruki Endō Shōten, and Yoriiso people and students of the Musashino Art University are together working for this project. They try to vitalize the town by making a creative seafood brand.

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Students regularly come to Yoriiso and discuss with seafood producers. With the concept Yoriissō Oishiku Yoriiso (“Much Tastier Yoriiso”), they work on product names and package designs to add new value to their brand.

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Here’re their goods.

20140607_08 20140607_09
Five of Yoriisohama’s seaweed including wakame, konbu, funori, hijiki, matsumo are lined up with cute packages.


Its unconventional compact looking makes you want to get it.


At the Recovery Appreciation Festival, they offered recipes for dishes that use their products.

20140607_10 20140607_11 20140607_12


They planned to exhibit their goods in the Tōkyō Big Sight in September. The collaboration between the seafood producers and the university is going to change people’s mind on how they look seafoods. They brings you Much Tastier Yoriiso!


Yoriiso Project


Maruki Endō Shōten





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