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Have Fresh Oysters in Nobiru, Higashimatsushima—Kaisen-dō

This is ariTV’s Morikawa!

In Higashimatsushima (Miyagi), there’s popular Nobiru beach. On March 11, 2011, along with pine groves, buildings near the beach were all engulfed by the massive water wave. Today, open space stretches over there.


This time, we introduce you a diner in the area. They are doing business with full of energy.


A minute walk from the place where Nobiru Station used to stand, takes you to the diner Kaisen-dō surrounded by open space. It just looks like the diner of the beach!

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Smell of seafood came over its door. Inside, they hang many pictures on the walls. The pictures show people harvesting oysters and also aftermath of the disaster.


Kaisen-dō’s stuff Ms. Ōnuma told us that the diner was also hit by the tsunami.
Oyster farmer Mr. Monma opened Kaisen-dō to serve up fresh oysters two months before the disaster which left only its roof and frames.
Though the damage was fatal, they were able to restart business because of lots of support from. Volunteer workers helped them with repairing the diner.


Unfortunately, we were unable to meet Mr. Monma this day. He brings fresh oysters to the diner every morning.

Eating fresh and grilled oysters is a wonderful experience!


When we visited, tourists were having oysters in an oyster hut next to the diner.


Besides grilled oyster, there’s a lot more foods.


Fried oysters.


Pork set meal


Fried chicken set meal


At lunch time, people including reconstruction workers and customers from other prefectures have a meal here.


Former Nobiru Station was just renewed as community space with a convenience store, and new Nobiru Station is planned to be rebuilt on higher ground.
There’s still a long way to go, but people in Nobiru are steadily moving forward.




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