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Make a Difference in Watanoha—Watamama Shokudō

This is ariTV’s Odanaka!!

Today, we introduce you Watamama Shokudō (“Watamama Diner”) in Ishinomaki’s Watanoha district.

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Just after the 2011 disaster in the Watanoha district, there were mothers who prepared meals for sufferers in spite of the fact that they were disaster victims themselves.
November in the same year, they opened Watamama Shokudō near Watanoha Station. “Watamama” is a term coined combining ‘Watanoha’ and ‘mama (mom)’. They named their diner so hoping, under difficult conditions, the world to be a brighter place just like Watanoha mothers’ smiles.
Unfortunately, in April 2012, the diner had to close after the decision of demolishing its building.


On April 20, two years after the closure, the mothers finally reopened Watamama Shokudō with strong demands from their fans.


Its furniture and building are made with 100% Japanese cedar. You can smell fragrance of the tree inside the store.


From five in the morning, the store manager Ms. Hidzuma starts cooking bentō meal to orders she took beforehand. In the afternoon, she prepares foods for the following day.
When we visited the diner, she told us that she has worked around the clock since the reopening day. She also noted her feeling that in the area where the tsunami washed away everything, she wanted to make a difference so that people would come back here. She strongly hopes to restore the bond of the Watanoha district.


The price of their bentō meal is 400 yen, and Watamama Shokudō delivers the meal even if you order only one. In the afternoon it becomes a cafe where you can chill out.

This day, I had a fish bentō meal! Cooked fish was soft and yummy! The other foods such as cooked Konbu seaweed and meat balls were also nice like homestyle tastes. The whole bentō was satisfying.


Watamama Shokudō engages in charity work and donates 20 yen from every sale for African children to provide them with foods. Also, they deliver meals to elders living in temporary housing and watch over them.


Drop by Watamama Shokudō and meet mothers with great smiles!


Watamama Shokudō

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