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Homemade Taste from Ōfunato—Engawa

Hello, this is ariTV’s grandma’s boy Handa.

Taste of mom’s cooking is hard to reproduce, isn’t it? This time, we bring you restaurant Ofukuro no Aji—Engawa (“Taste of Mom’s Cooking—Engawa”) which serves such nice dishes.

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Look at this yummy-looking hittsumi-jiru (flour dumplings soup).

Hittsumi-jiru with gomoku-meshi (rice mixed with various vegetables).

Hittsumi-jiru is one of Iwate’s local dishes. Its springy dumplings and mild taste soup are superb. Its reasonable price is also attractive.


This is another popular meal, Engawa teishoku (Engawa set meal),

Engawa Teishoku includes rice, soup, pickles, mackerel cooked with miso, and two small bowls.


Emi Ise and her mother Kō Takahashi opened this restaurant after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.


In the wake of the disaster, Ms. Kō took refuge at her son’s house in Tōkyō, since her home in Ōfunato was washed away.
Meanwhile, her daughter Emi Ise decided to open a Japanese style bar in Ōfunato. She asked her mother for help.
Ms. Kō had no experience of serving foods for business. She strongly wanted to provide meals to those who came to Ōfunato for supporting the town.


Emi Ise and Kō Takahashi


Ms. Kō is now 89.
She still has enough energy to try a new thing.
At Ofukuro no Aji—Engawa, their wonderful smiles await your visit.


Ofukuro no Aji—Engawa
open 11:30-14:30 17:30-22:00 (closed Monday)





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