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Gold Medalist “Yudzuru Hanyū” Celebration Parade

This is ariTV’s Tomomi Hama.
Yudzuru Hanyū won the gold medal in men’s figure skating at the Sochi Olympics. He is so cool, and loving his hometown so much! That’s what I felt when I saw his triumphant parade today.


Mr. Hanyū waved his hands and struck poses to the 92,000 fans turned out to catch a glimpse of him. He drew more and more star-struck people during the parade.


This day, he was named as the Sendai Tourism Ambassador. The ceremony for the appointment to honorable role was held before the parade, and we, ariTV got a privilege to design and produce a plaque for the event. The plaque was made with Sendai Glass and Japanese zelkova (Sendai’s symbol tree).


Loud cheers arose from roads to the Sendai’s star. Mr. Hanyū responded with his characteristic bright smile and fashionable poses to the exciting crowd.


At a press conference following the parade, he appreciated for his fans saying he was able to achieve this great success because of support from them.
He also noted that the gold medal he won is a result of our united efforts.
Such united efforts are also necessary for recovery of the disaster affected areas and 2014 Tōkyō Olympics.
Finally, he talked about his new dream that, in the limited time until the next Olympics, he’d like to practice hard, so that he would be able to show new Hanyū.

I want him to keep globally sending messages from Sendai and Tōhoku.


Photo shooting for the Sendai Tourism Ambassador

Parade spectators




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