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Gold Medalist Yudzuru Hanyū T-shirt on Sale

This is ariTV’s Morikawa.

This is the T-shirt everyone’s talking about!

Yudzuru Hanyū T-shirt (Tōhoku Rocken Park)

Yudzuru Hanyū won the gold medal in men’s figure skating at the Sochi Olympics. Since then he has become a national hero.


The t-shirt is being on sale at 10 stores in Sendai from 19th.
According to the city’s sports promotion division, about 10 thousand shirts were sold by 21st.
It’s sold out at several stores, and the division is receiving a flood of inquiries on the shirt.


When I happened to pass by the Tōhoku Rocken Park the day before yesterday, the park said the shirt was out of stock already.


This time, we heard the news it would be available again at the park.


As soon as it opened, customers rushed to the Hanyū t-shirt.


The Rocken Park’s Yūko Saitō noted that there were many inquiries from out of the city. Because the park didn’t offer reserve and pick-up or delivering service, you have to go to the stores to buy the shirt. Since many stores run out of stocks, sometimes store staff tell customers which stores still have the t-shirt.


Until the day of the celebration parade for Mr. Hanyū on 26th, the stores continue on selling the t-shirt. However, to prevent customers from queuing on the road, they only announce when it becomes available just before its sale.


We interviewed a couple of customers who purchased the special item. One of them told us that she wanted to send the t-shirts to her children in Tōkyō and Nagano. Other customer bought the t-shirt for her parents who were difficult to go outside home. Another customer said she went to the S-Pal store, but they already went out of stock, and store staff told her the Rocken Park still have the t-shirt.



All the revenue from this t-shirt will be spent on the celebration parade on 26th at Sendai downtown.


Mr. Hanyū gave hope to Tōhoku where many people are still working hard to bring back their lives three years after the 2011 disaster.


We’ll also bring you a report of the parade in the coming days.


Locations of Hanyū t-shirt dealers
Miyagi government’s office
Foodkingdom Miyagi at Sendai Station

Sendai Navic
Tōhoku Rocken Park
Sendai Subway Station

Kōtōdai Subway Station
Date Bike Service Station
Nissenren at AER
Nissenren at Selva
Sendai Airport





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