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Gyokō Store in Hachinohe, Aomori

Hello! This is ariTV’s Handa.
This time we visited the Gyokō Store (“Fishing Harbor Store”) at the Tatehana wharf in Hachinohe (Aomori) where squid is a big draw of the town.


Deep-fried tempura squid soba.

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The Gyokō Store is housed in a vivid yellow building. The store has a nostalgic feeling and friendly atmosphere.


In 2011, the Gyokō Store was heavily damaged by the tsunami.
We interviewed the Gyokō Store Department Manager Toshimitsu Gotō about the situation back then.
Hoping to return the favors to their customers who had supported them for a long time, five days after the disaster, the Gyokō Store provided 1,000 bowls of soba for free. He reminisced that customers who received their favors were so delighted, saying it was exceptionally tasty.


Today, the Gyokō Store is crowded with people.


Along with soba, they serve up a variety of foods such as ramen noodle, yakitori (grilled chicken), and oden (a Japanese kind of stew).

Kaisen Nabeyaki Udon (udon noodle served in a pot with seafood and broth).



Besides eating meals, you can also purchase fishing goods at the store as well.


Their foods warms you up from the inside. Drop by and get some nice dishes!


Gyokō Store
open 7:00-19:00




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