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Shiogama Sweets Cafe

This is ariTV’s Morikawa.

Everybody, look at this photo of the wonderful sweet.

This is “Oh! Kama Gelato”. It’s only 200 yen with a production limit of 50, though it’s limited time offer during an event we introduce you today.


The event is “Oh!Kama Sweets Cafe” held at the Matsukame building located across the road from Okama Shrine in Shiogama.

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Six sweets shops in Shiogama sold their new desserts in the image of okama (iron pot). Visitors were very interested in their products only available here.


“Shio Kama Tart” of Cleauventerre was sold at a discounted price for this event, and went out of stock quickly by 11:00AM.


Lavish “Oh! Kama Gelato” of Enfan tastes little salty, and not too sweet.

There’s a eat-in space where drinks were served by a pay-what-you-want model.


Mayumi Kano of Shiogama Moshio Sweets Club that hosted this event, pointed out that in Shiogama, there was an environment which encouraged you to do what you wanted to do. Ms. Kano also runs Cafe+α in Shiogama.
She also noted that recently you were able to buy anything online, but she wanted to make a place where people met and chatted in person.


Chihiro Kikuchi of Harenohi which sells goods in the image of sakura (cherry blossom), told there were many unique shops here, you were able to find them if you’re looking and out-of-town regular customers were increasing.

Saint Honoré‘s “Lemon Tart” wrapped with adorable pink package, has springy texture and a fresh taste.
Ganbare Shiogama offered Moshio Cookies for this event. They plan to add the sweets to their regular product list soon, so give it a try!


Shiogama is a place where you can meet nice people and find fascinating shops.
Come and enjoy the town!


Pariticipant shops:


Ganbare Shiogama


Saint Honoré


Ringo no Ki






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