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Golden Dried Saury from Kesennuma

Hello, this is ariTV’s Ōe. I love eating rice and grilled fish, especially saury, for breakfast.


The amount of saury catches in Kesennuma is one of the highest among all Japanese ports. One product does a particularly good job of bringing out the wonderful taste of saury.


The product is Golden Dried Saury.
When it’s grilled, it makes an enticing hiss and gives off a nice smell. Among its several charms, its golden roasted color is particularly notable.
The secret of the bright color is that the saury is caught in summer when it’s nice and plump, then immersed in high end cooking sake.

This time, we visited the producer of the Golden Dried Saury: Kanetake Hatakeyama Shōten.

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Kanetake Hatakeyama Shōten President Takashi Hatakeyama wears a straight face, but inside he’s full of passion.


I admired his technique of cleaning saury so quickly
They have a variety of marine products, and the Golden Dried Saury is a flagship.
They developed Golden Dried Saury in association with the Kesennuma Food Business Council with ideas to make safe and really tasteful food. To enjoy its excellent taste, all you need to do is grill it.

Mr. Hatakeyama is a disaster victim and still living in temporary housing. On the day of the disaster, he watched from higher ground as the tsunami engulfed his home and factory. The factory barely survived, but it was surrounded by debris and he was hardly able to get close to it. It was two months later when he finally started planning to build a makeshift factory.

He told us that not only was it hard until he restarted production, but now it’s also hard to sell products as well.

Production capacity has been restored to 70 to 80% of that of before the disaster, but revenue amounts to only half of that from before.


After the disaster, however, he got linked up with many people and heard many ideas from a various fields.


“I just have to do it!” He explains with positivity, pointing out the challenge of broadening his market that he faces now.


Besides just in Kesennuma, you can also buy their Golden Dried Saury at the Miyagi Products Plaza in Ikebukuro, Tōkyō. He plans to sell their products in Sendai too in the next fiscal year.


Support Tōhoku recovery by eating its delicious foods! Give it a try!





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