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Travel Guide and Cafe Sanriku-jin

This is ariTV’s Morikawa!
On February 22th, a certain book arrived here at ariTV. The book was the Community Travel Guide “Sanriku-jin” (Sanriku people). Opening its pages, you see lots of energetic smiles of people from Sanriku who have overcome many difficulties since the 2011 disaster.

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What’s “Sanriku-jin”?
Community Travel Guide Sanriku-jin is not just another travel guide book. The concept of Sanriku-jin is to introduce readers to people living in the coastal area of Sanriku. About 300 people from the area appear in the book.


It’s been almost three years since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. People’s interest towards the stricken area is waning, but people in Sanriku still need help for recovery. One thing that might help greatly is having more people come to visit them. Therefore, Team Sanriku-jin Project was set up to publish a guidebook to make readers want to meet people in Sanriku. Last November they successfully raised two million yen through crowdfunding site ReadyFor?, and they have been able to release the Sanriku-jin book.


Cafe Sanriku-jin
In Gaienmae (Tokyo), Cafe Sanriku-jin is open until March 4th. The cafe provides an atmosphere to go with the Sanriku-jin book.
ariTV’s own Tomomi Hama visited the place and took some photos.

The cafe features multiple events. Sanriku-jin Photo Exhibition displays the photos taken during the production of the book. You can also see Sanriku products, eat Sanriku foods, and do more things related to Sanriku.


Toward Recovery
Community Travel Guide Sanriku-jin provides information to enjoy meeting new people in Sanriku. After the 2011 disaster, the people in the book refused to give up and are steadily moving forward. The release of the book is a good opportunity to know Sanriku people, and then actually go visit them. The more people who visit, the more it helps the recovery of Tōhoku.
The road to recovery is long, but I hope we can go the distance together!


Cafe Sanriku-jin

ReadyFor? crowdfunding site

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