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Tōhoku Roadside Stations Come to Sendai!

Hello, this is ariTV’s new crewmember Miwa Satō.


Roadside stations are rest areas with shops located along expressways and other major roads throughout Japan. Each roadside station has its own charms such as local foods and souvenirs.
I’m from Sendai, Miyagi and there are 12 roadside stations in Miyagi, but I’ve actually never visited one.

Especially for people like me, a “Tōhoku Roadside Station Fair” is being held at Tōhoku Rockenpark in downtown Sendai. Here we can check out the goodies roadside stations have to offer!

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The purpose of the event is to spread cheer and encourage more visitors to roadside stations.

From all around Tōhoku, 20 roadside stations are taking part in the event. Each day during the fair, four different stations are featured. This day, they included stations from Iide, Kita no Sato (“Kita Village”), and Ogachi.


Near the entrance, we had apple tea from Aomori. It smelled very sweet and had a clean finish.

Not just its soothing flavor, but also its warmth makes you relax, especially in the cold winter.


Some shoppers wandered in as they happened to pass by, and others heard about the event in newspapers. The fair was crowded with people young and old alike. Coming across some food from back home, one customer nostalgically blurted out, “I used to eat this!”


Popular products at the fair included pickles and ramen burgers.

Kanakabu-dzuke (turnip pickle from Akita) is crunchy and spicy, and good for a nibble. They go great with some alcohol; I recommend that you try them!

Ramen burgers are a big draw of Kita no Sato Road Station in Fukushima. It is good for lunch or snacking, because the braised pork inside is very thick and satisfying.


If you are interested in this stuff, I’ve got good news! This month, Kita no Sato Road Station will have a Soba Festa on the 15th and 16th, and a Ramen Festa on the 22nd and 23rd. They will be good chances to get delicious food!


Besides this fair, Tōhoku Rockenpark continually hosts events featuring foods from throughout the region. Drop by and find your favorite Tōhoku taste!



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