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Shiogama Port Recovery Market and Seafood Diner Yamato

Hello, this is ariTV’s Ōe. In the third winter since the disasters, freezing cold weather is hitting Miyagi. But at Shiogama Port Recovery Market, located next to Shiogama Marine Gate, sixteen shops are open and lively!

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Opened in August 2011, the market’s shops sell their products out of pre-fab buildings. With its seafood focus, many customers come here looking for fresh marine products.

Shiogama is famous for tuna, and its a big draw here.
The seafood diner Yamato serves up some great tuna dishes.

Kaisen-don (rice bowls with seafood toppings) is a much-beloved choice. You can choose from a few different seafood toppings to heap on your bowl. This time, I chose shrimp, sea urchin, and prized medium-fatty tuna.

The tuna was so delicious!


Set lunches are also popular.

grilled fish set meal
The grilled fish set comes with raw sashimi too!


This diner was originally located in Suginoiri, Shiogama, for more than 20 years. Some customers used to even come in groups together by micro bus for their popular tuna dishes.


But in 2011, the diner was flooded twice when the tsunami and a typhoon hit the area in March and September, respectively.


After a time being torn over whether to rebuild or just give up, owner Miyuki Hatakenaka finally decided to reopen her diner in a temporary building.
The kitchen is small and there is a limited number of seats inside. Therefore, they reopened serving only a third of the normal menu. Still, there is a number of steady customers who come, having eagerly awaited their new start.


Ms. Hatakenaka (right)


Step by step, overcoming difficulties, she keeps on going!


Seafood Diner Yamato
11:00-15:00 (closed Tuesday)




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