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Sendai-Tōhoku Handcrafting Exhibition in Tokyo!

Hello! This is ariTV’s Ōe. ariTV went to the Sendai-Tōhoku Handcrafting Exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie in Tōkyō, conveying the warmth and charm of Tōhoku handcrafts.


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Sendai city is promoting its “Date Handcrafting Project” since 2012 as a part of efforts to spur its creative industry. Sendai’s traditional crafters and Japan’s acclaimed creators work together to create novel products.

On January 14, the third prototype show was held in Sendai City Hall.
This time, those new items make their Tōkyō debut!


“fennica”, a label of Japanese clothing brand BEAMS, collaborated with artisans at Sendai Kiji to make these Indigo Kokeshi dolls. Kokeshi fangirls came out in force!


By the time we visited, some were almost sold out. With a recent kokeshi boom, Tōhoku’s traditional crafts are getting more and more attention.


The Tohoku Standard Project booth exhibited representative crafts from the region’s six prefectures.

With only limited numbers made, these are a rare find in the Tōkyō area! Don’t miss the chance!


Sendai-Miyagi Traditional Craftsdesign




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