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An Ishinomaki Public Cafeteria: “Palace”

The “Palace” is the name of a place in Ishinomaki all the locals have long known. With a name like that, what kind of place could it be?

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Hello, this is Director Tōru Ise at ariTV. The other day while covering next-generation energy from Ishinomaki, we stopped by here for a meal.


The name “Palace” belies the reasonable prices at this cafeteria for staples like ramen, rice bowls with toppings, and set meals. With good food at a good price, the people in Ishinomaki have always loved this place.

With the effects of the tsunami in 2011, the eatery closed for more than a year. At last, on October 17, 2012, they finished cleaning and restoration and reopened.


Simple soy sauce-flavored ramen and curry with rice are popular mainstays. A hit with the locals is the ramen and mini curry set for ¥700.


Their own recommendation is the yakisoba noodles with vegetables (¥700). Its a homestyle taste to Japanese.


Katsu-don (pork cutlet on rice, ¥850 with miso soup) is another popular dish.



The Palace really has that old diner taste and atmosphere.

A place doesn’t have to look all fancy to let you feel full and happy like a king.


Little by little, the pre-disaster bustle of families, friends, and workers in the neighborhood coming in for lunch is returning.


The menu is just as it was before.


Open 11:00-19:00 (¥50 off before 14:00)




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