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Recovery Handcrafts Market!

Hello, this is ariTV’s Ōe.

Two years and ten months have passed since the Great Tōhoku Tsunami disaster, and today Sendai’s Tohoku Rockenpark is hosting a market for handcrafters in stricken areas to directly sell their goods and talk with people there about their hometowns’ situations.
That for many the memory is slowly fading is an undeniable reality. This and other events serve to help remind that recovery remains a long ways off for many.

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Tohoku Rockenpark is in the middle of downtown Sendai’s busiest shopping area, providing a prime space for local producers in Tōhoku’s far-flung areas to win notice for their products.
The first floor is a showroom of crafts and foods, and also shares information to help spread awareness. Since last June, there’s been a monthly producers’ direct marketplace open here as well. This time, today and tomorrow seven groups will be setting up shop to sell their own recovery goods.


I met with four of those groups on my visit today.
First up was onagawa factory.

Keychains, bracelets, and other crafts carry a fish motif, made by Onagawa townspeople as a stand-in for their devastated core fishing industry.
In their roughly one year of production, they’ve sold about 20,000 “onagawa fish”!

Their most recent items are these chopstick rests.

Leader Teruki Yuasa                                       Manager Sachi Suzuki


While recovery continues, there’s still a long way to go. With hopes that their town and its needs won’t be forgotten, they continue their work and developing new items.



The Oroshimachi 5th District Temporary Housing Handcrafting Club makes accessories featuring traditional Japanese patterns.

Shidzuko Saitō (left) and Chieko Ōtaka (right)


Their first item was a pocket tissue case.
They’ve received support from Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture (historic sister city of Sendai) in the form of pearls which they’ve put to use for further accessory development.

They continue making a wide variety of items to catch the fancy of as many people as possible.


Michiko Itsuki of Chikyu no Megumi has set up a booth here for her natural soap.

Watari strawberries, Sanriku wakame seaweed, and other stricken area specialties give a nice fragrance to the soap and another market for their products—and help spread the towns’ names.


The HOPE for project sets up here for the first time. Tomoyuki Takayama heads this initiative by alumni of coastal Arahama Elementary and Shichigo Junior High schools.

They’ve held various activities to spread recovery awareness such as a “candle night” and balloon releases with flower seeds attached.

Last October they started producing acrylic keychains.

Mr. Takayama spent some time cleaning recovered Arahama photographs after the tsunami, and together with a Shizuoka-based cameraman he met in the course of that work he’s been holding photograph exhibits as well.


Tomorrow, the Sendai-Wakabayashi Nanairo-kai, and the day after, the Sendai Harbor Temporary Housing Team Hagi will come to set up a “dream workshop”, adding even more color to the Rockenpark!


As we enter the third year since the disaster, don’t forget the recovering areas that still have a long way to go!




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