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Fresh Fish in Season and Original Rice Bowl! Maruka Fish Merchant, Ishinomaki

This is Ishinomaki native director Tōru Ise.

After the disaster I came back from Tōkyō to Ishinomaki. When I go to buy fish here in my home town, I come to this shop: Maruka.


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Originally this shop specialized in supplying restaurants and professional clients, and they still supply seafood of the highest quality.
Each season has its centerpiece: summer urchins, autumn sanma (saury), winter oysters and milt. Much of the catch is right from Ishinomaki or neighboring Onagawa.



The March 11 great tsunami destroyed the old shop. Muck and rubble were cleared by hand to salvage what they could, and they quickly reopened as soon as May 25.
“We couldn’t just sit around and do nothing!”
The owners teamed up with four others to move into a new building. Now working together are Chinese and sushi restaurants, a deli, and a bentō box lunch shop.


You can take advantage of this shop combination and make your own original rice bowl!
For ¥100 you can get some rice and soup, then pick out some fish or whatever you like, combine and enjoy!
(Of course there are prepared lunches from the bentō shop too)


This is a great time of year for sanma and roe, both tasty and quite cheap!
Check out what I put together for ¥1500!

This is easily enough for two people—for such great food that’s quite a price.
On the right is another one I made with some eel.
This season is the time to get that special never-frozen flavor!


The stuff the pros used, arranged as you like, for these prices—what’s not to like?


Ishinomaki Maruka




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