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The Bounty of Sanriku’s Seas: Delicious! Fisherman’s Festival

This is Hizashi.


Sanriku seafood is amazing!
When I have someone come to visit here in Tōhoku, I make sure they give the seafood a try.
For us native to the region, we’re so fortunate to have been brought up with it all our lives!


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Monday, November 4 was a public holiday, and enjoying the brisk sunny day were all the people who turned out for the 3rd Fisherman’s Festival in Sendai’s Kōtōdai Square.
Tōhoku’s prized Sanriku seafood was celebrated right in the region’s heart!

Even as the sun started to set, the crowds were still out in big numbers.

Sendai restaurateurs and fishermen from the coast had their stalls set up.

Fresh seafood direct from the source!

On offer is everything from elaborate prepared dishes to straight up seafood in its most basic form—
not only is it fun to eat and enjoy, it’s fun just to browse and enquire!

After a taste, there’s not much to say but “delicious”.
Let me go order a beer straight off the tap!

The World Scallop Fishing Championships came down from Hokkaidō too. The MC kept things lively as challengers gave their best efforts.
You can see the character “Scallop Mask” in the picture above holding up the championship belt!

Children and adults alike have laser focus as they fish the scallops out of the tank.

When time’s up, it’s time to grill up and enjoy your catch! (Or you can take it home with you for later!)

This Fisherman’s Festival is a great opportunity to appreciate the seafood we’re blessed with and the fishermen who work hard to bring it to us.
We need to keep the memory of the tsunami disaster. The coast still has a long ways to go to recovery.
Let us enjoy the Sanriku coast’s seafood, and in doing so, support its recovery!




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