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Reopened in Ishinomaki: Classy Restaurant & Bar Fish Bone

This is Director Tōru Ise.

Before the tsunami, one Ishinomaki restaurant&bar was enjoying a run of over two decades beloved by the locals.
The concept at Fish Bone was to be a place to sit back and enjoy wine in stylish surroundings to the sounds of jazz.
The menu is centered on Italian cuisine made especially with nearby Ishinomaki seafood and vegetables. Mr. Henmi, the owner, learned gourmet cooking in his youth in Nagoya, and his offerings have long been popular on Ishinomaki nights.

Mr. Henmi is something of a big brother figure for much of the community.


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The restaurant was hit by the 2011 tsunami. Mr. Henmi’s house too was unlivable, and he had to move into a refugee shelter. On top of it all he suffered a stroke, and gave up on reopening his business.
Afterwards, while living with his wife in a borrowed house, regular customers and friends he’d meet would tell him how much they missed his place and his food. He started to think about reopening after all, but he was still unsure of whether he could count on his own health. After a while of feeling pressured about it, he came around to the idea that he really did want to do it again, and that it was his calling, after all.

post-reopen staff members—bartender Jun’ichi (left) and cook Macchi (right) with Mr. Henmi


After a suitable location was found near Ishinomaki Station, last July, about a year and a quarter after the disaster, the place reopened. With friends and longtime customers, it was a big celebration.
Now, another year and a quarter on, Mr. Henmi exclaims:
“There are many others still unable to reopen their restaurants and taverns. With my own rebuilding, I want to give them inspiration!”


Both Mr. Henmi’s cooking and his personality won me over, and being from Ishinomaki myself I’ve stopped in a number of times. When we talk it’s like we’re old friends.
To Mr. Henmi and his wife: Thank you!

On this particular day, Fish Bone featured a leg of Spanish Jamón ibérico ham, one of the world’s most prized (and expensive) varieties. It’s incorporated into 5 menu items, and I enjoyed the vegetable and ibérico simple saute and a dish of straight shaved ham.
The sauté was a great match of a delicious meat with Mr. Henmi’s own superb work, and the straight ham by itself changed my idea of what ham should taste like!


No visit to Fish Bone should miss out on their own original pizza, unlike any other. When I have friends in town from places like Tōkyō, I absolutely take them to come have some.
The crust is the best! They actually use buttery, flaky pie crust dough. It’s crispy and sooo good!

There are irregular events held at Fish Bone too.
They’ll host banquets and receptions, and anyone interested can ask Mr. Henmi about it.
This was supposed to be the 25th anniversary, but with the tsunami gap year it’ll come next year instead. A big event is in planning to mark the occasion.

July 31 Fish Bone set by musician Ulful Keisuke


On Saturday, November 9, Tōkyō-based Jin Tamura will come for an acoustic performance from 8pm. Customers enjoying food and drink can enjoy at no extra charge.


Fish Bone
Open 18:00-24:00 Tue-Sat




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