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Glittery. Poppily. Business Goes Swimmingly!

Hello. This is ariTV’s weathercaster Ōe.

Today I visited Shiogama on the coast east of Sendai!
Shiogama is of course synonymous with seafood! I browsed Shiogama Marine Gate and its smorgasbord of ocean goodies.
There’s an exciting event coming up this weekend there.

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Marine Gate sits right on Shiogama Harbor, and is the port’s passenger terminal.
As usual, there are plenty of people here looking to go out touring on the boats.

Marine Gate just finished renovating back in July, and the atmosphere is pretty lively!

Inside are local specialties and freshly prepared treats like kamaboko fish sausages. You can also dine at Chinese, sushi, pasta and other restaurants, 23 in all, especially featuring seafood.
Look at these plump raw oysters in season, and the glittery sparkling roe!

Here’s some fresh nori seaweed, fantastic for wrapping rice balls ^ ^

And there’s a lot more tasty stuff!
And the prices are reasonable!
I enjoyed talking with the friendly shopkeepers too!

There are lots of customers, which comes as no surprise ^ ^

On the 26th and 27th this weekend, it’s the Great Tastes of Shiogama festival! It takes place semi-annually in February and October, this being the 21st time.
There’s going to be a live tuna butchering and auction, grilled oyster corner, and more, each only ¥100! Check out the seafood barbecue too.
On Sunday there’s going to be a karaoke competition for the first time. The winner gets a gift card to spend here at Marine Gate! It’s open to everyone who wants to give it a shot—two sessions: 10-11am and 1:30-3pm

The stage will be set up in the grand foyer, which should give some nice acoustics.
Come enjoy seafood and singing—or maybe perform yourself?


Marine Gate Shiogama


—Also! Check out the neighboring Shiogama Port Recovery Market! We’ll be covering that in the coming days ^ ^




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