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Tōhoku Rakuten Eagles Win the Pennant!

This is Hizashi.


Tōhoku’s pro baseball team, the Sendai-based Rakuten Golden Eagles, have secured the Japan Pro Baseball Pacific League pennant!
This comes in the team’s ninth year since founding—September 26, 2013—a night to remember for all the fans here!


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Back in the first year, 2005, when the team was the league bottom feeder, the mantra was “10 years. If they can win the pennant in 10 years, that’s what we’re hoping for.”
In the meantime, the fans of Tōhoku were simply ecstatic to finally have a team between the far-off Sapporo and Tōkyō areas to call their own, and cheered the Eagles on fanatically.

The first big step came in 2009, when the team did well enough to reach second place and earn the second berth to the playoffs.
A fan base that had already embraced their new team with open arms was fired up even more.
Now, in 2013, their team is a powerhouse.


Pacific League Champs!
The young players of a few years ago, who had all the talent in the world but just couldn’t pull it together, have matured together with the team’s vets and a few players from overseas to make a formidable unit.

Still, in pro baseball, the result of any given season means nothing by the time the next rolls around.
Players get traded away or brought in, get hot, fall into slumps, get injured or recover to health, they mature, and they age past their primes.
This team, with these teammates, as it is now, is only for now.
That’s why every game, every ball is chased with all they have. Every victory and every loss is a story, part of a greater narrative on the path to championship.

The players know this, and so do the fans. So this night, we are thankful. This night, we celebrate.

And the morning after, the city marks the occasion, decked out in Eagles colors with special events and sales everywhere!

It’s almost as if even the weather is in on the mood, giving us a beautiful, perfect day.

Seeing their team triumph, the people are reminded—
“We can do it if we try. We are together. Together, we are strong.”
As the people’s spirit is raised up, so shall the city and region raise up! This can only be good for the continuing recovery.


Fight on, Eagles! Now go for it! Get through the playoffs, and win the Japan Series!
Our Rakuten Eagles!




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