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Even as the Location Changes, 4 Sisters Continue for 35 Years: Kikuichi Croquette

Hey there, this is ariTV’s Fumina (^^)


In the Watari Furusato Recovery Shōtengai is a beloved shop selling fried treats run by four sisters.
Let’s check it out!


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The Furusato Recovery Shōtengai in Watari, on the coast south of Sendai, is a collection of 30 shops run out of temporary storefronts. The town saw many of its buildings destroyed in the 2011 earthquake and, especially, tsunami.


The Kikuichi Shop did business for over 3 decades in the Arahama district by the harbor as a butcher shop. On the side they also made fried foods, and their croquettes and fried mutton cutlets were quite popular.
On the day of the disaster, March 11, it just so happens that they closed the shop early and were on the way home. After the earthquake, they were able to escape the tsunami without injury.
Their shop, and their home, however, were destroyed.


Without homes or jobs, they were one of the multitudes who moved into temporary housing.
Stuck at home with little to do, they decided to give running a shop another shot, and last February they took up the storefront they’re in now making their fried food again.
Namiko, one of the sisters, explains that having work helped lift them out of depression.


At Kikuichi they prepare their food by order, so you can enjoy everything fresh!
There’s so much to pick from and all of it is so cheap! (^^)


They still have customers from their old shop coming back, especially for their croquettes and mutton cutlets.
I have to say, after trying for myself what they make it’s easy to see why (^^)


Maybe I should take some home to be the centerpiece of my dinner! Yum!


Kikuichi Shop
Open 10:00-17:00 (closed Thursdays)
Watari Furusato Recovery Shōtengai




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