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Ama Free-Diver Girls in Kuji, Iwate

This is Tomomi Hama from ariTV.
We’re in northeast Tōhoku in the town of Kuji, of recent national fame thanks to the NHK drama “Amachan”.


It’s been a while since I’ve been up here, and thanks to the TV exposure the town is quite a bit more lively these days!


Kosode Harbor is full of tourists!
The beautiful clear blue sea gives a view of the ama free-diving girls.

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The visitors also enjoy local mamebu stew and sea urchin freshly caught by the divers.


They also have ama costumes you can try on for free.
Doesn’t it suit my daughter Miyu ☆


This place was one of the innumerable hit by the 2011 tsunami,
and the Ama Center which had been at the harbor is now gone.

There’s a temporary building taking it’s place for now.

Despite that, the atmosphere isn’t depressing at all, and the people are upbeat and lively.
Next year a rebuilt center will open!


The Iwate Economics Research Institute figures that the “Amachan” show on Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has brought ¥320 million to the Iwate economy.
Kuji has seen its tourism double from 2011, bringing calculated tourist revenues of ¥210 million to the city.


The drama series has brought an explosion of activity, and as a fellow Tōhoku resident I hope they can see continued success after the show ends this fall.


For my own Sendai too, a spirit of hospitality—
towards recovery, not just on the part of the nation, prefecture, and city,
but the hard work of each and every individual is important!!




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