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Recovering with Beloved Local Kesennuma Sake! Tabata Liquors

This is ariTV sommelier Takeru Suzuki.

This time we bring you to Kesennuma, Miyagi, to the Shishiori Recovery Market‘s Tabata Liquors.


There’s a great collection of local brews, and it’s a great stop for locals and Kesennuma visitors alike!


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Before the tsunami, Tabata Liquors had a shop on the coast, but it, with much of the community, was wiped out.
Just as they were considering whether to try and reopen, they got an invite to join the Recovery Market.
Now with the other shops they work together to bring their community back.


Along this wall is a collection of local Kesennuma brews, but there is one label that’s particularly eye-catching.


The label is in a special recovery motif, and can only be purchased right here at this market.
Kesennuma is famous as Japan’s largest shark-catching port, and as a symbol of the city the labels bear an original shark character.


This is a recent product:
‘Shiosai-dā’ (“sea roar cider”)!
Seawater from scenic Kesennuma-Iwaisaki is used in the making of this salty-sweet soft drink.
It’s super refreshing on hot, sweaty summer days!


There’s candy and other treats to enjoy too, which I’m told is a hit with the kids.
The Recovery Market is bringing cheer back to Kesennuma, adults and kids alike.


Tabata Liquors




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