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In Ikebukuro, Tōkyō: Miyagi Products Plaza 8th Anniversary!

This is Hizashi.


Today we bring you the Miyagi Products Plaza in Ikebukuro, Tōkyō.


There are tons of Miyagi goodies here to be had!
It’s the shop’s 8th anniversary, proving just how popular it’s proven to be.
So for a taste of Miyagi in Tōkyō, what can you get?

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Five minutes or so on foot from Ikebukuro Station, in a packed area…

Inside is all kinds of great stuff from back home!


I feel right at home here, even in the heart of the metropolis.

The shopkeeper I spoke to there told me that about half their business is people from Tōhoku looking for sentimental goods or presents to give.

As such they have a lot of repeat business, and particularly the popular sasakamaboko fish sausages and triangle-cut fried tofu have new deliveries two to three times a week.

A nearby customer chimed in: “I’m here for the kamaboko!”

Others from Miyagi’s neighboring Fukushima came too for some fried tofu and handmade umeboshi (pickled apricot-like fruit) for a taste of Tōhoku.


When the disaster struck in 2011, Tōkyō too saw some difficult times.
About a week after the event, when things had settled down in the capital, this shop suddenly had little in the way of supplies and carried on using only a third of the floor space. They turned off all the refrigerators as perishables were no longer delivered.
The people of Tōkyō came looking to purchase in support of Miyagi, or even make a direct donation. The shop responded to help them provide their support.
They started their own donation collection, as of now having collected fully ¥29,000,000 in donations sent to Miyagi.

With the disaster, even this shop newly learned of several local Miyagi sakes as reports of damaged breweries came into focus.
Mr. Kimura, in charge of the sake section, explains that there are also tours to Miyagi breweries and to experience rice planting and sake brewing on scenic Sabusawa-jima (island) of the Urato Archipelago in Matsushima Bay.
The sake brewed from that island rice is a junmai-ginjō of top quality: Urakasumi’s Sabusawa.


Shop representative Ōkura takes pride in the role of being a window for Miyagi into the capital and a sentimental place.


Stop in at this conveniently located shop with many of Tōhoku’s best local products, and enjoy!


**There’s a special customer appreciation event going on right now until the 15th!


Miyagi Products Plaza


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