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Sake to Suit Sendai’s Iconic Gyutan: Korezeppin Tanabata Bottle

This is Heisei no Sendai-Shirō.

Among Japanese, “Sendai” means “gyutan” (cow tongue), and “gyutan” means “Sendai”.
It’s an icon among icons, deliciously roasted on a soft warm bed of barley and rice.
And to wash it down? There’s nothing better:

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Korezeppin Sake!
It was first introduced in September 2009.
It’s a dry, clear palate-cleansing sake that matches perfectly with the rich flavor of Sendai’s guytan.


This time, Korezeppin comes in a special limited-edition Tanabata Star Festival bottle.


On this first day of sale, June 25, the Sendai Gyutan Promotion Committee’s Chairman Ōkawa presented the new item to Governor Yoshihiro Murai and Miyagi Prefectural Assembly Chairman Isao Nakamura.


In smiles, the guytan-loving governor gave his thoughts:
“Made with the clear water and delicious rice of Kami Town, it’ll be good with anything—but of course nothing beats guytan.
“I’m looking forward to giving it a try!”


Korezeppin is exclusively sold at Sendai Gyutan Promotion Committee member outlets.
While you’re giving gyutan a try while enjoying the Tanabata decorations at your next Sendai visit, pick up a bottle of Korezeppin to enjoy too!


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