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No Doubt, Kesennuma is a Fishing Town! Sakana no Eki

This is Director Tōru Ise, ariTV.

The Sakana no Eki (“Fish Station”) in Kesennuma opened after the tsunami on December 10, 2011.
It’s a collection of nine shops, eight of which had their previous locations destroyed in the disaster.
It’s called a “station” with the sentiment of transiting from a difficult past to a brighter future. “Fish is Kesennuma’s vitality!” was the slogan as they put their energies together and got started.


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On the left is a picture of the Sakana no Eki’s seafood rice bowl. It features choice cuts of tuna, swordfish, and flying fish roe.
It’s very delicious and quite a volume for only ¥800!


On the right are shark hearts! Kesennuma boasts Japan’s biggest shark catch. As a local specialty, they’re eaten with miso and vinegar.
Shark spoils very easily, so it’s a delicacy that can only be enjoyed here.


Coming into season now are bonito, sea squirt, urchins and a few others.


Last year the Kesennuma bonito catch was fully 40% of Japan’s entire haul, making it the top bonito fishery for 16 years running. The catch starts around June, reaching its peak in early fall.


Not only fish, but also fresh local vegetables and other products are featured. There’s tons of stuff here!


For residents of temporary housing and others with difficulties shopping, the Sakana no Eki will run a mobile market too. There will be an event marking its start at Sakana no Eki on July 6.

Two vans will travel about Kesennuma with varied goods for sale!
(photos provided by Mr. Watanabe of Sakana no Eki)


Sakana no Eki
open 8:30-18:00
●Fresh Kesennuma seafood
●Kesennuma and Sanriku processed seafood products
●Kesennuma specialty foods
●Fresh vegetables
●and more!


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