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The Season Has Arrived! Watari-Arahama Harbor’s Famous Sendai Flounder

This is Hizashi.

I stopped by the Arahama harbor on Watari’s Torinoumi Bay.
Here they were bringing in a catch of Sendai flounder, one of this harbor’s specialties,
and Mr. Shirai, captain of the Seikō-maru, took a few moments to speak with me as they were dividing the fish up by size.

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They tell me the Sendai flounder are in season through June and July, and they’re about to reach their best just as demand is coming in strong!
Here comes the Sendai flounder season!!


Setting out to sea for about 90 minutes from port, Captain Shirai reaches his favored, secret fishing spots learned through long experience.

Going on the size of the catch I saw, it must be a good spot indeed!
And by his words todays catch was comparably small for his trawler…

As he worked and told me about how things were going, it was clear he was in good spirits.
The workers expertly sorting and packing the fish were similarly energetic in their busy task.

Fishing here resumed in July 2011, after the March tsunami.


Besides Sendai flounder, the catch brought up a lot of these aka-gashira fish.

And right after leaving the fishermen I stopped by the restaurant Flamingo next door to enjoy a grilled aka-gashira.

It was firm and slightly sweet, and biting in through the crispy skin was delicious!
Tasty fish like this is the pride of Arahama!
The fish caught here today will be shipped up to Sendai overnight, and in supermarkets tomorrow morning.

The flavor is exceptional!
There’s a Sendai flounder festival in the works for July.
Fried nuggets of fresh flounder will be on offer—what a treat!


And visiting Watari, I’d be remiss not to mention harako-meshi and clam rice!

The fishermen proudly boast of their Sendai flounder’s quality, snapping my attention back to today’s topic!

I can’t help but want to try one.
The season is approaching so let’s enjoy!




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