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Long-Awaited Return! Yuriage Harbor Morning Market

Greetings, this is Fumina at ariTV.

This morning I got up early to see a certain place come back after being closed for two years and two months.

The crowd was big even for a morning market.
And there were so many delicious looking things to buy.
The return of this place had been long anticipated,
but now the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market is back!


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Yuriage, Miyagi
This place thrived as a fishing harbor with their morning market open on Sundays and holidays since more than 30 years ago.
It was ruined by the tsunami, but the market returned right away in a temporary location.
Now, after two years and two months, the market finally returns home!
From today over the next three days, the
Recovery Setting Sail Market is on with a host of events (^^)


Naturally for Yuriage, the shellfish are the centerpiece.

And you can’t talk about seafood from Yuriage without the blood clams!
Besides the seafood are meats, vegetables, sweets, treats, and so much more, all delicious.
And the prices are so cheap!!
Normally quite expensive fresh shellfish was quite reasonable, with even extra markdowns and additional gifts!!
It’s the kind of atmosphere unique to the morning market.


Would you like a try of Yuriage’s fresh, delicious fare?
Come check it out! You won’t be disappointed (^^)


Yuriage Morning Market
Open Sundays and holidays




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