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Eki-ben Fair at Tōkyō Station!

Hello there! This is ariTV’s Ono.

Do you know about Golden Week? In early May Japan has a string of holidays that come one after another, making this a peak time for vacationers.
But ariTV is staying on the job to keep on bringing you the best of Tōhoku.
For those of you in Japan, come take a trip up to Tōhoku.
Can’t make it? Well check this out!
Right now the lunchbox sellers Ekiben-ya Matsuri and Ekiben-ya Odori on Tōkyō Station’s first floor Central Street are having an eki-ben fair!
A full 170 or so boxed lunches from all around the country are all lined up.


From Tōhoku there’s Sendai specialty cow tongue, Watari, Miyagi specialty harako-meshi featuring salmon and roe, Akita hinai-dori chicken, Yonezawa beef and many more. These are the kind of specialties you can only normally ever get in their home locations.
Several are limited to the Golden Week holidays, so be sure to take a look before it’s too late.


I stopped b y in the evening, and there was quite a crowd turned out. Most of the lunch boxes were completely sold out (^_^;)


The eki-ben fair continues until May 6.
Stop by and enjoy a rare taste of Tōhoku!




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