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Golden Left Foot Cheering on Tōhoku’s Recovery

This is “Hat Trick” Takeru Suzuki from ariTV.

Here’s a story for the several billion football fans worldwide!

Argentinian legend Lionel Messi’s “Golden Left Foot” is on display in Sendai!


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It’s on exhibit at Ginza Tanaka jeweler’s Sendai branch in the Marble Road shopping arcade across from Fujisaki department store.


As a jewelry shop there are many works of art on sale,

but Ginza Tanaka has done quite a bit of special collaborations besides rings and necklaces.


This is a collaboration with Disney: a kabuto samurai helmet.

Hidden on the traditional form are numerous Mickey insignia, creating an item for fans to adore.

How many Mickey insignia can you spot?


The star for today, though, is this superstar collaboration piece:


Messi’s left foot cast in 25kg of solid gold, valued at ¥495.5 million (~US$5 million)!

Through the Leo Messi Foundation, set up to help children with catastrophic illness, a request was made for the star to lend the shape of his foot.

For Tōhoku, he’d be happy to, was his prompt reply.

A mold was taken in Spain, and Ginza Tanaka cast the world’s only “Left Foot of Solid Gold”.


The work is highly detailed and of the finest quality, showing every vein and crease, and even the scars of injury.

The worldwide reception has been great, earning recognition as fans covet the work’s quality.


When it finally sells, through the Messi Foundation a portion will be directed to supporting recovery from the Great Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

In addition to the centerpiece, 100 1/2 scale castings are also on sale at the price of ¥3.96 million each.


Leo Messi lends a hand foot for Tōhoku’s recovery.


Ginza Tanaka


☆The golden foot is on display in Sendai until April 14, after which it will be on tour at Ginza Tanaka locations nationwide.

☆all listed prices are as of April 2013




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