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Shobuda Seaside Resort Opening Now!!!

Shobuda Seaside Resort Opening Now!!!

The representative spot among citizens of Miyagi in summer, it must be the Shichigahama Shobuda Seaside Resort!!! This year it is open for only 10 days from 29th July to 7th August, please seize this chance to have the summer’s full enjoying here.  

Prior to the Great East Japan Earthquake, this place would be visited by more than 5 million people every year. But after the earthquake, it was forbidden to visit so we have lost this wonderful place to spend summer time and there were no more laughs and happiness from visitors. Local residents keep giving the wishes to re-open this swimming beach, and then this year our summer paradise will come back after a close of 5 years!

There are also the air playing equipments debut in Tohoku Japan during the opening period

Shichigahama Tourism Association

In addition, music events, boothes and fireworks are also carried out this year !!!

The SEVEN BEACH FESTIVAL 2016 will be hold at the last day!


菖蒲田 過去





Let’s rock up this summer !!

◆ Opening Date:2016 July 29 (Friday)

◆ Swimming period:2016 July 29 (Friday) to August 7 (Sunday)

◆ Facilities and equipment: Chargable shower area, Toilet area, Selling area, Rest area, Monitoring Station, life-saving ship

◆ Parking Lot:600 cars (chargable)

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30 minutes by bus from JR Tagajo Station and get off in Shobuda Station.




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